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Bathroom Countertops Philadelphia

Bathroom countertops come in many different styles. The right material brings out the real beauty of your bathroom and gets more beautiful in time. A beautiful countertop is an investment whether you are on a Bathroom Remodeling Costs Philadelphia or you are looking to buy high-end bathroom countertops Philadelphia.

Countertops should be practical. Our countertop options include different types of materials. Check out the more common materials used for bathroom countertops.

Bathroom Countertops Philadelphia
Bathroom Countertops Philadelphia
  • Laminate - Laminate is the most affordable material that can be used for bathroom countertops Philadelphia. Laminate has an easy-to-clean surface. Countertops made from laminate usually face damage in the form of warping and chipping. This material can mimic the look of stone, but it is not as impressive quality-wise.

  • Marble - Marble is beautiful and it is one of the softer natural stones. This makes it the ideal material for irregularly shaped countertops. This softness is also the reason marble is susceptible to acids and sharp objects in the bathroom. Other homeowners would rather pick a more durable material that can mimic the style of marble. A slab of marble can cost you $100 to $200 per square foot.

  • Wood - Wood provides warm tones to bathrooms. A countertop made of solid wood would look beautiful and homey at the same time. Solid wood slabs can be very expensive. However, wood is porous and can easily warp. It is a soft material prone to dents and scratches, which could harbor harmful bacteria and other agents.

  • Quartz - Quartz is a non-porous and durable stone. It is a good investment considering it is also a low-maintenance material. It does not need sealing and it is easy to clean. More homeowners are considering quartz for their bathroom countertops. A proper quartz countertop can cost $60 to $115 per square foot.

  • Tile - Tile countertops are low-cost. Some types of tiles do not need sealing. There is a wide variety of designs and texture that homeowners can choose from. Since grout is porous, maintenance and sealing are necessary.

Bathroom Countertops Philadelphia
Bathroom Countertops Philadelphia
Bathroom Countertops Philadelphia

Choosing Practical and Stylish Countertops

Glass and stainless steel are uncommon, but they look great in contemporary baths. For some, there is a problem with visible smudge marks and hassle cleanup with these materials. Stone slabs are on the pricier side, but they are preferred because they are great options mostly in terms of appearance.

It is a challenge choosing from a wide array of countertop options. Taking the time and choosing wisely is beneficial to you. Weigh the pros and cons to make sure you are investing in a countertop that is durable, chic, and easy to clean. There are affordable countertops that are just as elegant as more expensive ones. See to it that that countertop’s color matches the rest of the bathroom. Our experts can advise you regarding the right bathroom countertop Philadelphia. Call us for inquiries.

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