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Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia

One big challenge for Philadelphia homeowners is remodeling their older baths. More homeowners are giving their old bathrooms contemporary makeovers. For old homes, it is necessary to evaluate the bathroom’s structural integrity before making any major changes. Contact your trusted builders and start planning the ideal bathroom layout Philadelphia.

Bathroom Remodel Philadelphia mission is to provide complete bathroom makeover services for homeowners in the city. In the past few years, more homeowners have been seeking functional, stylish, and eco-friendly solutions to their bathroom needs. We have a wide array of bathroom products to choose from. Call us for a consultation and we will start discussing the first step of any bathroom remodeling project- planning the new layout.

Scope of Work

Homeowners usually consider a full bathroom layout for the master bathroom. Master bathrooms are typically the largest in the house, so there is more freedom to apply different bathroom layout ideas. The guest bathroom typically does not have a tub. The challenge is planning a small bathroom layout, especially if you are planning to fit the vanity, tub, and shower room in it.

Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia
Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia
Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia

Are you looking to overhaul or making minor changes to the layout? Moving fixtures that are connected to the plumbing system will cost more and will take more time to complete. Major projects like the bathroom can be costly. Set an approximate budget to know which bathroom fixtures can stay or go. Expect to pay more for expansions. When you work with professionals, however, we can help adjust according to your budget without compromising quality. Here are a few bathroom layout Philadelphia we think you will like:

  • Standard Layout

    The tub, sink, toilet, and shower are all installed on the same wall. From the entryway, the fixtures are arranged from smallest to largest. This layout is straightforward but it allows unobstructed movement from the door to the end of the room. This small bathroom layout is beneficial in terms of maximizing space for movement.

  • Basic Layout with Partition

    Many homeowners wish to hide the toilet for privacy reasons. In this layout, the toilet and the tub or shower area belong on one side of the room separated by a partition. The other side of the room can be dedicated to the vanity area. This means that the whole bathroom can be shared if someone just needs to use the sink while another family member is taking a shower. The same principle of having all the plumbing in one wall is applied here.

  • Fixtures on Either Side

    In this layout, the door is in the middle of the room and the fixtures are on the sides. The main advantage of this is the wide empty space in the middle of the bathroom. For a smaller bathroom, the bathtub or shower can sit on its width. On the other side are the sink and the toilet.

    If you are keen on privacy, place the toilet after the tub and install a partition between the two pieces. The sink will be on the other side. You may need to have a bigger bathroom area for this layout. There will be plumbing on two walls, which may cost more than the other bathroom layout ideas we mentioned.

Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia
Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia

Customize Your Own Bathroom Layout

There are plenty of bathroom layout drawings on the internet. You can do the exact layout or adjust according to your needs. From our years of experience, we noticed that bathrooms are more valuable when homeowners give it a unique feature. It still has to work with the rest of the bathroom. For custom features, work with experts who can accommodate changes without compromising quality.

As experienced professionals, we want to help build bathrooms that homeowners designed themselves. Call our hotline for further inquiries on bathroom layout Philadelphia.

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