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Bathtubs and Showers in Philadelphia

Homeowners reach an impasse when it comes to choosing between a bathtub and a shower for their new bathroom. Bathroom remodeling helps enhance the space for your family and increases the selling price of your home. Which is why you should think about which options are more beneficial. The size of your bathroom, the budget, and your personal preferences matter when it comes to bathtubs and showers Philadelphia.

Our professionals will help you make a sound decision regarding this and will provide you assistance throughout the remodeling process. We have years of experience building our clients’ dream bathrooms and providing the best services for maintenance and other home remodeling projects.

Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia
Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia
Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia

Bathtub VS Shower

Showers are quick and users are able to control how much water they want to use. For homeowners who like to take baths, the tub would be the best option. However, the tub takes time to fill and wasteful when used every day for bathing. The average amount of water used to fill a bathtub halfway is 20-30 gallons. Fans of bathing are likely to own a separate tub and shower or a tub shower combination. Here are some considerations and comparisons you can use as a guide.


Bathrooms in Philadelphia homes come in different sizes. If you have a large bathroom that can fit both tub and shower with all the other fixtures, space might not be your main consideration. However, if you have The Best Bathroom Remodelers In Philadelphia PA, a wide fixture like the bathtub may not be the ideal option. The walk-in shower would be the best choice for you to prevent your bathroom from getting any smaller.

Current Demand

More remodeling projects these days are about installing and highlighting walk-in showers. A lot of homeowners are ditching their tubs for better shower systems. But do not let the trend stop you from purchasing your very own luxurious bathtub. If you like frequent warm baths, get yourself the best bathtub available. There are plenty of solutions to small bathroom spaces, so do not hesitate to seek help from ​Bathroom Remodel Philadelphia​​​.

Future Demand

Homeowners wishing to sell their property usually turn their current bathroom into a fully furnished bathroom. On the real estate aspect, buyers are more likely to purchase homes with at least one bathtub. Since bathtubs are ideal for families with small children and pet owners, it would seem better to provide different options for future buyers of your property. Invest in beautiful designs and environmentally-friendly and energy-saving fixtures to guarantee the sale.

Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia
Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia

Bathtub Shower

For homeowners who wish to enjoy the benefits of full bathroom features but want to maximize the space available, a bathtub shower combination is the best option. It may not be advisable for family members with mobility issues. If the family member cannot climb onto a regular bathtub, this combo will not work any better. The demand for this combination fixture has been increasing because it offers more for the amount of space it takes.

As for design, you can choose to design it as you would design a walk-in shower or a bathtub. You can use the alcove design, which encloses three sides of the tub. You can also enclose the whole fixture with glass walls. Keep in mind that you can change some parts of the tub shower to match the bathroom design you want.

For customized designs, work with the best professionals of bathtubs and showers Philadelphia. We can guarantee you will achieve the best bathroom design and high return on investment in the future. Our experts can help you create, adjust, and execute your plans efficiently. Give us a call today.

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