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Having a full-size bathroom is a dream for some homeowners.  Small bathrooms can be challenging in terms of clearance space. Planning is key to having elegant and practical bathroom designs in Philadelphia. 

The advantage of having a small bathroom is that you can save on costs because you have lesser space to remodel. If you have more money to spare after allocating costs,  you can use that amount to upgrade bathroom fixtures.  High-grade flooring is a good investment.  You can invest in water-saving shower systems,  which will save you money in the long run.  Learn how to improve bathroom designs in Philadelphia with a guideline we prepared. 

  • Use empty spaces to your advantage.  Check for gaps under the sink or at the side of the cabinets where you can install a towel rod. You can also attach additional ledges to flat wall surfaces as long as they do not obstruct movement. They serve as extra space for storage,  as well. 

  • Brighten your small bathroom with mirrors.  Instead of buying more lighting fixtures, put a mirror near the light source.  It can be a small window or a single light bulb.  The mirror helps reflect the light into other parts of the room. If your bathroom does not have a window,  get cost-effective lights. You can get creative with different shade shapes.

  • Enhance the small bathroom designs with a few techniques. Have you ever heard of mirror tricks to create a bigger space? Large mirrors create the illusion of a more expansive space, which can be useful for small spaces. Another scheme involves long drapey curtains. Extend the curtain rods near the ceiling. The bottom should touch the floor. This trick helps make the roof taller. 

  • Create smart storage solutions. Make sure everything in the room has its place. For stuff that does not fit on the surfaces, keep them inside drawers or cabinets. We do not recommend taking up more floor space for additional cabinets. What you can do is install vertical shelves on walls or use corner spaces. It is a good idea to hide cabinets behind flat surfaces like the back of the mirror or wall decor frames.

Upgrade Small Bathrooms

If you want to make permanent changes to your small bathroom designs, you will need professional help. Experts have the proper tools to execute significant remodeling projects. Consider a few things that might help you decide on the best course of action for your small bathroom remodeling project.

Use the same tile across the bathroom. Partition walls should be transparent for this strategy to work. The floor looks wider this way. You can use any tile design for this. Another trick is to lay the tiles diagonally across the room. It helps create a bigger space as well as hide misaligned wall tiles.

Floating vanities and floating toilets are great ideas for small bathrooms. They allow users to see more floor, and it automatically registers are more space and fewer obstructions. Floating fixtures are modern designs, which are perfect for homeowners who want a contemporary bathroom.

For homeowners who wish to keep some of their old cabinets but want to upgrade them, customize their design. We recommend cutting the edges of cabinets into a curved shape. The soft form adds a seamless look to the bathroom and reduces edges. Customized bathroom features also add to the value of your project. 

Even small bathrooms can become a significant remodeling project. Working with less area means you have to focus on getting more space for foot traffic. Professional skills are necessary for a successful outcome. Call us for more information about bathroom designs in Philadelphia.

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