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Mirrorred Bathroom Philadelphia

Mirrors are versatile and multi-purpose items used in different areas of a house. Mirrors in bathrooms function for inspecting one's reflection. Plenty of grooming activities happen in the bathroom, which means that mirrors are essential elements in the bath. However, mirrors can do more for any space. Mirrored Bathroom Philadelphia offers you a few Bathroom Layout and Design Philadelphia that you can apply to your room.

Mirrored Bathroom Philadelphia
Mirrored Bathroom Philadelphia

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Mirrors have varied shapes and sizes. There are many options for different bathroom styles. You can choose to customize mirror designs to fit the space better. We have hundreds of mirror types available, so guaranteed you would find a style that matches your bathroom. The following are a few bathroom mirror ideas to consider when choosing mirrors for your bathroom.

  • The right size creates balance.

    Large mirrors can feel overwhelming in a small bathroom. On the other hand, tiny mirrors might not offer any benefit. If you want to design your bathroom with small mirrors, our experts suggest getting a couple more and hanging them strategically. For assistance with planning your bathroom’s theme, ask professionals from Mirrored Bathroom Philadelphia.

  • Pick the ideal shape for your mirror.

    The right mirror shape will enhance and improve your bathroom. Long mirrors that stretch across the wall enhances the length of the room. For small bathrooms with low ceilings, tall mirrors help create the illusion of more vertical space. Soft shapes like round mirrors are perfect for walls with plain color tiles. You can use irregularly shaped mirrors to add unique features to your bathroom. These types of mirrors can become a focal point when placed strategically.

  • Add more light to dark corners.

    Homeowners tend to overlook corners during the designing process. Corner spaces have no use in most bathrooms. Our expert designers suggest corner vanities with corner mirrors that use the available space for smaller bathrooms with less floor space. Not all homes can make use of their bathroom’s corner spaces. Aside from the brightness, you can expect guests to appreciate your unique corner feature more often.

  • Enhance your bathroom vanity mirror.

    Bathroom vanity mirrors accommodate several fixtures like the sink and cabinets. If you plan for a particular bathroom concept, you have to match your vanity mirror’s frame to the rest of the vanity. A safer option would be to use a frameless mirror, becoming famous for its straightforward function and seamless addition to the wall. Some double vanities opt for one large mirror or two identical mirrors that are symmetrical. Remember that your preference matters most for your bathroom design, but it is still ideal to seek professional help in choosing the best bathroom vanity mirrors.

  • Consider unique mirror frames.

    For bare bathroom walls, a large single framed mirror can turn into an accent piece. Frames come in different materials, designs, thickness, and shades. Wooden frames are more common, and there are carved wood frames that add more beauty to the mirror due to the intricate details. We can find these types of bathroom mirror ideas in vintage style bathrooms.

Mirrored Bathroom Philadelphia

Safe Installation of Mirrors

Mirrors can be massive, and they can break easily. Secure mirrors in place by making sure you hang them on the wall stud. One issue that could occur during the installation would be asymmetrical spaces and tilted lines. Aside from that, handle mirrors with care and perform precautionary measures in case of breakage that could lead to mercury leakage.

Mirrored Bathroom Philadelphia offers installation services for clients who purchase bathroom mirrors from us. Our experts can customize mirror dimensions according to the measurements of the wall. Check out our catalog for the best mirror designs in the city.

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